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I am sure he has touched many people's lives and our thoughts and prayers are with the family. Paul and Kathi Spicer. What a remarkable an endearing person to know and work around and with. As I think about him, so many thoughts and remembrances come to the fore.

In subtle and sometimes direct ways, he was a living reminder that whatever problems one faces in life , determination and effort can frequently get you through whatever problems and responsibilities you are facing. At the University his jobs were varied and always executed with skill, insight, and good humor. To walk with Bryan was to be with a great and cordial mentor and friend.

He set a mark and pattern for all in the community to emulate, in relationships, citizenship, and vocational efforts. I am very glad I knew him. My sympathy is extended to Patsy, his children, and other family members and the great number of colleagues and friends. Wayne Craig. I met Byron upon enrolling at UHS in the fall of , after spending six years overseas. He was among the first to make me feel welcome and a part of the school. And there was the time, much later, when we were taking him back to his apartment on 7th st, following his directions, and he thought we had missed his driveway - because our car was smaller than he thought and we had not reached the drive, upsetting his long established sense of distance from the corner!

For so many years, Byron was a highlight of our experiences in Bloomington and on the IU campus. He will be sorely missed, not only by the Univee '63 diaspora, but the far larger campus and city community in which he was a major and important player, friend, companion, guide, and respected citizen.


Pat, you have lost a true gem. Nancy and I are sorry we cannot be there as support, but I suspect that a very large part of the will be.

Lorimer and Nancy Nicoll. Aw, I just found out today. Byron was definitely great to work with. He was professional, well-organized, clear in direction and hilarious. I would even say he was a mentor for me during my beginning years in the industry.

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I heard a story that when he was in college he bought a giant TV just to confuse his dorm mates. Good job, Byron. He was always the nicest, funniest guy to hang out with there. He will be sorely missed. I will always remember how welcoming Byron was to me when I was a new community member getting involved with the Council for Community Accessibility. He will be missed! I am so sorry to learn of Byron's passing. I truly enjoyed being around him and found his sense of humor so wonderful. He was a good, good man Thank you for your friendship and well-honed humor sir Sincere condolences to Byron's family.

I was pleased to know him as a valued, knowledgeable, and helpful friend who taught me a few of the ropes for working at IU. I will never forget his ready smile and upbeat outlook. I am so sad to read of Byron's passing. My deepest sympathy to his family and friends. I was a fellow Univee with Bikey. He was a great guy and always fun. He will be missed. I knew Byron when he was a toddler. His parents reared him to be all he could be and not accept the fact that he was handicapped.

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We can all see the results of that in the man he became. He thought for himself and was a joy to know. He and I were cousins. Patricia and he were quite devoted.

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William Richard Hill. I've looked up to Byron since we were 14 and first met.

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  • A bright light has gone out. Nevertheless we can take heart that Byron was a man of faith. Now he can see, stand tall, breathe easy and laugh. And I'll bet he slaps his knee as he laughs. We'll miss you, old friend.

    Pat - Condolences to you and your family on the loss of Byron. He knocked off Gonzaga's Matthew Hollingworth in the title match comfortably in straight sets. Yoshida and Hibi won all three doubles matches to claim the Red Draw Doubles title. They also each won all three singles matches in the Red Draw and to meet in the finals, but chose not to play.

    Hibi won all three of his matches in straight sets. It's awesome to see Tom healthy and playing well again. Read more.

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